Weaving societies.
Fostering businesses.

The Group Kenya network comprises of social, media and business avenues intended for creation of efficient communication, brands, businesses and societies.


What we do


Group Kenya maintains and moderates fora for open conversations on civic, business and other matters in the society.

News and media

Group Kenya develops and maintains public platforms for free undiscriminated dissemination of news and opinions in line with freedom of speech.


Our leadership training sessions target students in learning institutions at all levels for a better future of the nation and region.

Corporate development

We provide cloud computing, software development, web development, complete business suites and business technology training.

Corporate email

We provide secure personalised business emails and mail hosting to use with your business domain names for better brand visibility and a professional outlook.

Web and graphic design

We provide website, blog and graphic design services to corporates and individuals. We also offer consultancy on web design and hosting.

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Nairobi, Kenya