Scam in the name of job opportunities at Royal Media Services

Posted by Group Kenya on Tuesday, December 27, 2016 at 12:31 pm

Let’s do some first calculation here, Royal Media Services are seeking to recruit some agents all over the country which is very good, now let’s know whether SK Macharia is in business of exploiting the vulnerable Kenyans or whether he intends to create jobs for them.

To apply and be shortlisted, one have to pay KES 1,000. Sijui kazi ya hii pesa, whether it’s a service charge or commitment charge I don’t know, SK can tell you that.

The manner in which this ’employment’ advertisement has been done through their main-stream media outlets, there is a possibility that over 50,000 Kenyans will try their luck considering the unemployment rate in this country, this greatly is possible, and what makes it so possible?

Academic requirements is either degree or diploma holder, (that is any degree or diploma). And there’s plenty of those flying around.

In every county they say that they are plan to recruit between 5 to 15 agents who will be paid KES 10,000/month for 8 months.

Lets assume that they recruit 10 individuals in every county. That would translate to 470 recruits, lets calculate now, 470 x 10,000 = KES 4,700,000, that’s the salary per month for the 470 agents, which translates to KES 37,600,000 for the eight months.

The application fees is KES 1,000 and possibilty of 50,000 unemployed (mostly youth) Kenyans applying is so high, now 50,000 x KES 1,000 = KES 50,000,000. So the whole eight month salary now that the agent will not have been stable, will come from their own pocket and a profit of over KES 12,000,000 also made by the media service.

No surety of them employing as well, not after retrenching well over 50 employees in October so as to cut down on their cost of operations.

Why else would they be taking in employees less than three months from the date they carried out massive retrenchments?

Is this not outright theft from poor vulnerable and gullible Kenyans in the name of ‘creating job opportunities’?

Why should potential hires pay so as to be employed? I do not have money to begin with, that’s why I’m looking for a job, and I should not go into debt due to an unguaranteed job opportunity.

This is a serious scandal, close to NYS or worse.

Paul M.O.N

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