How Uhuru Will Trick Raila and Have Him ARRESTED – Mutahi Ngunyi

Posted by Magufuli wa Kenya on Monday, January 9, 2017 at 1:26 pm

Political Analyst, Prof. Mutahi Ngunyi has unveiled an interesting hypothesis which he acknowledges is far-fetched but notes could be a reality in the upcoming 2017 General Election.

Prof. Ngunyi opines that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto could be setting up CORD leader Raila Odinga for prosecution at the International Criminal Court (ICC) by branding him as a warmonger.According to Ngunyi, the spirited fight by the Jubilee brigade to ensure the controversial Election laws are passed is a trap being laid for the Opposition leader to be profiled as a warmonger, and in the event that violence erupts after the polls he be handed to the ICC prosecutor.

First, Uhuru bulldozes changes to the electoral law. It is obvious to him that Raila will fall for the trick and call for nation-wide mass action. This gets violent. Uhuru refuses to back down. And as the violence increases, Raila’s cowardly colleagues abandon him. He is isolated as a warmonger.

Then in August 2017, the election turns violent, and the prime mover of the violence is already profiled as one Raila Odinga. This profiling, rightfully or not, is what Uhuru is doing. He is profiling Raila as a warmonger and collecting credible evidence against him,Ngunyi explains.

The renowned political analyst notes that sending the former Prime Minister to the Hague would not only be “sweet revenge” for Kenyatta and Ruto, “is definitely a contingency plan on how to deal with Raila in 2017”

He adds that as politicians who have been charged at the ICC and managed to defeat the system, Kenyatta and Ruto should be “feared”

“These (Uhuru and Ruto) are not ordinary people. When we elected them, they were suspects. Then they showed up at ICC and defeated the system. Is it possible that people with such street credibility are naïve? Are they as “soft” and “girly” as Raila has depicted them for the last four years? I doubt it. Any politician who has been to ICC and back is to be feared. Very feared!”the political analyst states

Ngunyi argues that in the event Odinga avoids the ICC trap, he will be in government after the 2017 elections “not as President but a ‘forced’ Prime Minister”.

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