Museveni sends military to flush Kenyans out of Uganda.

Posted by Magufuli wa Kenya on Monday, January 9, 2017 at 5:45 pm

– Ugandan government has deployed its military to flush out Kenyans from the Karamoja region

– The Kenyans are drawn from the Turkana community

Uganda has deployed its military, the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), to the border of Kenya and Uganda at Karamoja region in a bid to flush out Kenyan pastorals.

The pastorals drawn from the Turkana community are accused of crossing into Uganda in search for pastures for their livestock with guns, something that the Ugandan government has apparently prohibited.

According to Ugandan authorities, the pastoralists have defied the rules, something that has compelled Museveni to flush them out.

Major Edward Birungi, the spokesperson of the UPDF, said that they have been given orders to ensure that no Turkana pastoralist sets foot in the area.

“We have got the orders to deploy. We shall start our operation any time from now and we will work within the orders given to us so,” Birungi said as quoted by Uganda’s Daily Monitor.

The Ugandan government says that recently its military was engaged in a shootout with armed Turkana pastoralists, and two of them were killed and two AK47 rifles recovered from them.

Turkana pastoralists normally cross into Uganda with their livestock to evade the drought that hits the county.

The latest move will likely deal them a major blow as the situation gets worse in Northern Kenya.

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