My problem is with Jubilee, not Uhuru, Joho says after Mombasa ‘lecture’

Posted by Magufuli wa Kenya on Friday, January 6, 2017 at 2:14 pm

Hassan Joho has clarified that he did not wage a personal attack against the President in Mombasa, but told off the government for not launching new projects.

The Mombasa Governor told President Uhuru Kenyatta that his Jubilee administration has not overseen a single project from scratch, for the benefit of Coast residents.

Joho said, during a breakfast show on a station in his county on Friday, that he only spoke on behalf of his people.

“I did not mention Uhuru in my speech. I did not tell him [that] as a person. I said the Jubilee government should show us what projects they have done in Mombasa since they came to power,” he said.

The county chief further noted that the constitution specifies the roles of the national and county governments but that they must complement each other.

“When I say we will work together, it does not mean that I support the Jubilee government. Working together means; you do your bit as national government as I work on my part,” he said.

Joho underlined that he will not shy away from saying the truth – that Mombasa has benefited less from national government funding compared to other regions.

“They went to Western region and gave out billions. They went to Central and farmers were given billions for their debts. Why can’t Mombasa get the same treatment?” he posed.

Of the Buxton footbridge that the President officially launched on Thursday, Joho said the funding by World Bank and other international donors.

“We know the history of this project. It was started in 2010, under the Kenya Municipal Programme, when Jubilee was not in government,” he said in an address he issued while standing next to Uhuru.

The President accused the Governor of engaging in cheap propaganda to gain political mileage.

“I will only engage in development politics. That cheap politics of trying to look at how you can fill your stomach… I will leave that to Joho,” he said.

“We will do our bit as the national government. If the county does not want to support us, they can do their own project as we concentrate on ours.”

Kilifi North MP Gideon Mung’aro and businessman Suleiman Shahbal said they will continue working on ensuring the people are economically empowered.

Joho, who is a severe critic of the Jubilee administration, clashed with Deputy President William Ruto last year over the establishment of a dry port in Naivasha.

Ruto called Joho an “academic dwarf, who does not understand port matters.”

In response, Joho said the DP should stick to issues to do with agricultural practices and leave Port matters to Mombasa residents, who are conversant with the operations.

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