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no one cares about you, they're too busy thinking about themselves. and those who care about you will only give you feedback to make you better.


    Emergency call for blood donation on anyone with A- blood. Call 0729377402

      In the period preceding 2007, Raila and Ruto on one side and Kibaki and co. on the other, the country was gradually, consistently and meticulously inflamed. It was largely ethnic with Kikuyus being isolated majorly. By the time of elections in 2007, Kenya was just a dry bush waiting for ignition and when it caught fire, it burnt fiercely. Today we are beating the war drums again this time not ethnic but class based. The poor against the rich. Raila is on one side together with Uhuru and Ruto is on the other. The sad part is how we are cheering them too quick to forget that none of them will suffer if post election violence erupts in Kenya again.

      We will all (poor supporters of Tanga Tanga and Kieleweke) coil together with nowhere to hide while the war lords will be inside their heavily fortified mansions with helipads and helicopters in the ready - the last card being to share power. And you the ordinary? You will get back to each other with shame because of the abuse and fights you metted on your innocent neighbor on behalf of people who can't help you incase your house caught fire or in case you needed to use the neighbors nduthi to rush your injured or sick daughter to hospital.

        A chilling revelation about how a widow lost sh.700,000 savings in her equity bank account many customers vowed to boycott the bank . Series of complains joined in with people narrating the hitches in Equitel line that fraudsters breach to wipe out your savings .

        A widow is said to have been encouraged to register an Equitel line and later realized that all her savings , that she planned to use for her son's education was gone . The elder son questioned how a new line could have landed in fraudsters hands . He had a view that , it was an inside job .

        "This happened via the equitel line she was advised to register by one of Equity Banks agents. Since she's not so tech savvy, the fraudsters managed to find a way around her ," he said .

        Even as complains piled up of how the bank couldn't do a thing , Equity bank Kisii branch has restored the full amount of the said widow . Her son who highlighted the plea revealed that the issue had been sorted out successfully .

        "EQUITY BANK HAVE FULLY REFUNDED ALL THE MONEY My mum would like to thank all of you for your efforts. I wish I could thank all of you individually, I'm so happy. Thank you @KeEquityBank and the manager Kisii branch for your effort in resolving this issue ," tweeted the widow's son.

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          Curfew extended from 11pm to 4am as from 29/09/2020

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