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Priscah Atieno
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When bad luck chooses to accompany you,even a ripe banana can break your teeth.

Makueni county is engulfed in shock and disbelief after a man of the cloth based in the beautiful Protestant church, left his Oppo gadget in a charging place,unbeknownst to him,without any security nor password,or lock pattern.

The youth,curious to know what is in the "moral custodians" gadget scrolled down to the video files,khalas!!!!

The man of the cloth, who impeccable sources say that he was transfered from Mbiuni over the same undying appetite for anything in skirt,had recorded himself live in the act,with another youthful woman apparently married in Ilima.

Blue movie it is.I have watched it. I am just as equally bitter as I am dumbfounded.

Look,the pastor begins so calmly as if to create a scene from mars.He makes actual glances and pounces on the lady sitting helplessly on the couch reading through a bible or a kitabu cha nyimbo!!

Gland to gland combat,an horizontal acrobatic right on the couch.weeeeeueeeh!!If that is how they do it,young men whose wives cook for pastors and attend evening prayers as you watch Uefa champions,mko kwa shida.

LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING:My question is: why do many men of the cloth fall short of the glory- falling into sexual addiction?

A research that boasts itself of methodological rigour avers that the sexually addicted pastors typically come from an abusive, shame-based background.

"As he enters the God chosen ministry, he learns how to help others—but neglects his own spiritual well-being. Even though he preaches grace and mercy, he cannot accept it for himself, and he thinks no one—not even God—is trustworthy. To hide his shame and double life, the pastor develops an elaborate self-protective mechanism that keeps him from getting close to anyone. He is therefore isolated, with no close friends or accountability. Ultimately, this Lone Ranger lifestyle leads to depression and other psychological issues that continually feed the vicious cycle of sexual dysfunction."~David Javnier.

This practice is very common. Indeed very common. The leadership of the DCC has failed to tame these sexual perverts that carry out their actions with utter stupidity and impunity.

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