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Hii platform ni ya earnwave peke yake jameni.

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    Don't be left out in this AMAZING PLATFORM

    🌸 *EARNWAVE will taking the market by a storm in the following ways;

    EARNWAVE offers 5 packages;

    500-Basic Package(referrals and 1 daily tasks but no share and earn.. I mean no whatsapp earning)(referral bonus400)

    1000- Silver Package (YouTube videos,daily rewards and referrals but no whatsapp earning)(referral bonus 800)

    2000-Gold Package ( Limited Google Ads,YouTube videos,daily tasks, daily rewards and whatsapp earnings etc)(referral bonus 1600)

    3000-Platinum Package(Limited share business links & Earn,Unlimited Google Ads,YouTube videos,daily rewards,daily tasks and whatsapp earnings)(referral bonus 2400)

    4000-Titanium package(3D paying tasks,business links,Unlimited Google Ads, Unlimited YouTube videos,Daily rewards,daily tasks and whatsapp earning etc)(referral bonus 3200)

    🔥 YouTube videos
    Users will be able to watch YouTube videos and earn real cash, the amount you will earn per each video will depend on your package. The higher your package the more videos you watch and the more you earn

    ✨ Google Ads.
    You will be able to view ads and earn real cash which will reflect on your dashboard after successful viewing. The ads will be available daily.

    🌤️Share business ads and links to whatsapp and earn:
    You will be able to share links from larger organizations like Ebay,Aliexpress,Google etc and earn real cash. The links will be shared to whatsapp and the bonus will reflect on your dashboard

    💰Daily Rewards
    Earnwave members will be entitled to daily bonuses in form of cash

    🌙Investment Plans
    Our users will have access to our high level investment plans. Users will earn daily profits of upto 150% of the invested amount and they will be able to withdraw the profit+capital at the end of the Investment period.

    💫Daily Tasks
    Our users will have access to daily tasks which include transcription, Tagging images and moderating content. Users will be paid after successfully finishing the task.

    💰Bitcoin Mining
    Users will have access to our bitcoin mining platform where users will invest cash which will be generating daily cash in form of bitcoin.

    💫Forex Broker App
    We will give all our users to the best available forex broker app

    ⚡Unlimited spins
    We will also be providing Unlimited spins for all our members to increase their earnings

    ✍️YouTube Channel Marketing.
    If you have a YouTube channel you can share your link or video links to us so that we can feature it in our daily videos watched by our users.


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      We've been scammed sunnywealth,PB power,what ave you have just sank our hopes

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        What's going on with sunny wealth. Withdrawals have been blocked.

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          Shocking video of Ugandan police striping a female activist

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