About Group Kenya

Group Kenya is a network of intertwined blogs, fora and services with the primary aim of facilitating communication and transfer of information such as opinions, news and time critical transaction data used by various organizations and institutions.

This forum is part of the Group Kenya Media network and its primary aim is to provide an open discussion and engagement platform for everyone in and about Kenya to share their views, creativity, news, humour and gossip. This forum also aims to break beyond the inherent barriers of individual preferred social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp by allowing members to join and contribute with their existing social profiles, across platforms and devices.

Since its inception, as a forum in 2012, Group Kenya’s tagline has been ‘Everyone’s invited’. A slogan the forum administrators have striven to live up to by innovating and conceiving new ways to share ideas with the Kenyan public and general populace.

Rules for the forum
1. Unwarranted personal abuse and defamatory statements will be deleted.
2. Strong personal criticism is acceptable if justified by facts and arguments.
3. Deviation from points of discussion may lead to deletion of comments.

Good to know
All HTML tags are allowed and can be posted on Group Kenya and will be parsed appropriately by the CMS. Allowed tags include b, strong, small, i, blockquote, quote, br … If you have no idea what ‘HTML tags’ are, never mind, get sharing your views however you want.

Feel free to contact us on groupkenya2012@gmail.com