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A chilling revelation about how a widow lost sh.700,000 savings in her equity bank account many customers vowed to boycott the bank . Series of complains joined in with people narrating the hitches in Equitel line that fraudsters breach to wipe out your savings .

A widow is said to have been encouraged to register an Equitel line and later realized that all her savings , that she planned to use for her son's education was gone . The elder son questioned how a new line could have landed in fraudsters hands . He had a view that , it was an inside job .

"This happened via the equitel line she was advised to register by one of Equity Banks agents. Since she's not so tech savvy, the fraudsters managed to find a way around her ," he said .

Even as complains piled up of how the bank couldn't do a thing , Equity bank Kisii branch has restored the full amount of the said widow . Her son who highlighted the plea revealed that the issue had been sorted out successfully .

"EQUITY BANK HAVE FULLY REFUNDED ALL THE MONEY My mum would like to thank all of you for your efforts. I wish I could thank all of you individually, I'm so happy. Thank you @KeEquityBank and the manager Kisii branch for your effort in resolving this issue ," tweeted the widow's son.

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    Shocking video of Ugandan police striping a female activist

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        Coronavirus in Kenya:
        New cases: 184
        Total cases: 4044
        New recoveries: 27
        Total recoveries: 1,354
        Recovery rate: 33.5%
        New deaths: 2
        Death toll: 107
        Fatality rate: 2.6%
        Closed cases: 1461
        Active cases: 2583
        Tests in 24 hours: 2,518
        Cumulative tests: 124,474
        Heath CAS Rashid Aman

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          Shocking video of Ugandan police striping a female activist

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