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Hi guys
I am iranian student
I want to travel to kenya in the future and establish construction company .
If you can help me please send me message☺🙏


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Sunshine mixed with a little Hurricane.


Body weight is made of muscle, bone, water and fat. Weight loss refers to total body mass reduction in medical context.

Weight lose can be intentional or unintentional.

In this article we are going to cover intentional techniques to lose weight as a result to improve one’s health and physical fitness. Besides improving physical appearance, one can also reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases like; hypertension, cardiac failure and kidney failure.

Low caloric intake lifestyle should be adopted to achieve safe weight loss. Despite this, one should consume calories enough to meet their body needs and be active.

Weight loss can also be achieved by adjusting feeding pattern with increased physical activity can achieve intended outcome on weight doing this one gets rid of excess calories hence loss of weight.

Diet rich in fiber is recommended to enhance bowel movements hence reducing the total calories assimilated to the body system.

Consider low caloric diet to reduce excess calories as fats on adipose tissue
Drugs and supplements can also be taken in extreme cases of obesity to lower ones’ appetite, gastric volume reduction and inhibition of fats absorption. This in turn will reduce calories assimilated to the body system.

Surgical interventions can also be devised to achieve weight loss for instance gastric banding and bypass. Once implemented gastric volume reduction is achieved hence limiting amount of calorie intake
Whole grains are also recommended on one’s diet. These grains fill up your stomach faster hence reducing more calories intake.

Anxiety and depression could be the reason to excess weight to some individuals, its therefore recommended one to avoid scenarios that could lead to anxiety.

In conclusion, I therefore recommend that one adopts all the above intentional techniques to safely reduce weight. All the techniques explained above correlate mutually hence should be combined to achieve optimal outcome.

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