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When the Ndegwa Commission Report was released to Parliament in 1974......3years after it was written, Burudi Nabwera termed it "A CANCER THAT WILL DESTROY THIS COUNTRY."
In a nutshell, corruption had now been officially sanctioned.

The 1971 Ndegwa Commission legitimized something that had already started to happen and which led ministers and government officials to use all manner of means to earn some money.

In due course, government offices became the epicentre of crime. This is something that happens to this very day.

In pro-independence Kenya, corruption was the preserve of colonial officers, loyalists and the 25,000 strong home guard battalion, and was perpetrated on the natives. To this day, children and grandchildren of the home guards are the principal shareholders of corruption and its us the current generation that suffer most.
It should be noted that the homeguards, who were eager to please their masters, were particularly corrupt and brutal.

Colonial chiefs have been described as being corrupt, inefficient and tyrannical, and as blatant collaborators, swindlers and self seekers who oppressed their African people in an endeavour to promote colonialism and themselves.

The 1955 Mbotela and Ofafa project turned out to be the biggest colonial-era corruption scandal. The project was riddled with kickbacks, inflated costs, and low quality materials and workmanship.
Everyone was involved.....from the Asian contractors to the city mayor called Israel Somen, to the chief engineer called Harold Whipp.
Whipp was placed under investigation for rampant acts of corruption including fiddling with his own water meter. He committed suicide before he was fired.


One of the first things that Jomo did after becoming Prime Minister was to order a Rolls Royce from London without any budgetary provisions or personal intent to pay. At that time, Kenya was broke and couldn't afford it. This kind of reminds you that 57 yrs later, we are still doing the same mistakes as a nation.
This, however, did not stop him from summoning the first Nairobi Mayor Charles Rubia after hearing that the Mayor planned to purchase a Rolls Royce for the princely sum of Sh 217,000.
This led to Rubia resigning as Mayor, and replaced by Isaac Lugonzo.

Kenya's first major corruption scandal involved MAIZE.
Paul Ngei (a member of the Kapenguria 6) was accused of smuggling and overseeing the export of surplus maize resulting in shortages in 1964-65 that led to importation of yellow maize from the United States.
Ngei later resigned and his ministry was disbanded by Jomo.
Paul Ngei held the record for the longest test drive in history when in 1971 he drove off with a Mercedes Benz from DT Dobie that he never paid for. When asked why he did that, he said was emulating the "father of the nation".
It should be noted that with Jomo ignoring Ngei's case to demonstrate that even the most powerful of men are subject to the common law, he paved the way to a shark-feeding frenzy among men of power which eventually became endemic at all levels of our society.

Jomo's favourite charity was the Gatundu Self-Help Hospital. During the 60s and 70s, high profile visitors were expected to donate to the hospital and hundreds of fundraisers were held for it. A common joke was that it was a "self help" project because it was Jomo's inner circle that helped themselves with the proceeds.

The level of greed right after independence was unprecedented. Politicians, ministers and provincial commissioners were grabbing property, shares in wazungu companies and anything within reach. It was during this time that Trade Minister Dr Julius Kiano acquired the nickname "Mr Ten Percent". This happened with Jomo's knowledge but he never reprimanded nor fired Kiano.
Dr Kiano, the first Kenyan to earn a PhD is rumoured to have dated Correta Scott for 5 yrs before she married Dr Martin Luther King.
The man later turned out to be a small time government thief taking 10% from deals while overseeing the Africanization program.

Malcolm McDonald, Kenya's last colonial governor, and who later served as Britain's first High Commissioner to Kenya, was a fervent admirer of Kenyatta, but nine years after independence, he said " one of Kenyatta's most serious errors is his tacit assent to the acquisitiveness of some of his ministers and civil servants. Soon after attaining power, they begun to buy (sometimes with money gained by dubious means) large houses, farms, cars and other possessions. This development not only tainted his administration with a reputation of corruption, but also produced a wide economic division between governors and governed, have and have would have been more prudent as well as moral if Kenyatta had enforced on his colleagues and subordinates a stricter code of conduct, preventing them from becoming such a conspicuously privileged class".

In 1967, beach plots became the fashionable property to own at the coast. However, the law then indicated only the PC could allocate individuals beach plots but after the President's approval. The Coast PC at that time was Eliud Mahihu.
Today, we see prominent families including the Kenyatta's, the Mahihu's, the Karume's, etc etc owing vast beach plots in the coast and owing 5 star hotels on the said beach plots but we forget to did they acquire them? Well, those beach plots were never acquired legally and that is fact of life.

One day, Jomo while walking along the beach to the Dolphin Hotel noticed that a plot was vacant. He asked why the plot was unoccupied. It was discovered that the lease of the plot had been issued to one Mr Cecil John Green and had expired in 1966. Jomo was informed on the lease expiration and directed that the plot be allocated to Duncan Ndegwa (who was the governor of central bank). Just like that.

PC Mahihu pushed for the allocation of 9.056 acres of beach plot in Nyali for Jomo, 10 acres for himself and approval of the purchase of 320 acres for Shs 175,000 in Shimoni for Isaiah Mathenge who was then the PC for Rift Valley, famously known for slapping VP Moi.

In 1975, a British newspaper called the Sunday Times, published an expose that revealed Mama Ngina had built two beach hotels, Jomo had built Leopard Beach Hotel, Mahihu owned Bahari Beach, Mathenge owned Coral Beach and Eliud Wamae had Kenya Beach while Michuki partnered with some Germans to build Ngong Hills Hotel.

The elites via cash obtained from dubious means purchased thousands of acres from the fleeing Jomo (687 acres), Moi (2,344 acres), Peter Muigai Kenyatta (1,934 acres), EK Bomet (972 acres), Masinde Muliro 2,839 acres), JM Kariuki (808 acres).

It's quite clear that the people that we so much admire today as being the elites and normally told they rose from grass to grace...or from rags to riches, especially in our political class were just simply thieves.
I pray that one day, this nation shall have an honest conversation whereby a factory reset button can be set and we start afresh.
Our so called founding father messed us up in that he just stood aside and watched his ministers and civil servants steal with no shame. He himself eventually became a partaker of stolen properties.
Majority of Kenyans have been forced to watch from the periphery as our so called political class thrive on stolen properties.
The people of coast province must know they were never meant to be squatters on their own land. Those beach plots and all the land in coast must benefit the coastal people.

Kenya has to change.


Jubilee people used to cheer from year to year whenever ODM followers were humiliated in public and court orders were ignored. Kuria, the Pre Unit boy, Ndindi Nyoro and the floor sweeper Itumbi, used to write lyrical tunes in praise of the police when they killed and clobbered NASA supporters. Now the story has overturned and they're at the receiving end.
The lesson is, fairness and equality must be guarded at all costs because you never know when you will fall victim.


Exactly 3 years ago, I was picked by DCI officers from my business premises in Busia. I was being accused of murder. I was forced to take them to my house, which they turned upside down looking for a gun. Then I was taken to Busia police station where I met 2 other guys......

....who apparently were my partners in crime. We were then ferried to Awasi sugar plantations in a convoy of 7 DCI vehicles. Guns were cocked and pointed at us, we were asked to produce guns we used to kill people. Scariest day of my life. After telling them we were unaware of..

....what they were saying, a laptop which was pulled from my shop, and a phone tha was taken from my 'partners in crime' were fished out and the cops demanded we explain where we got the items from. I remember I started laughing so hard and uncontrollably...

I don't know if it was because I was scared shitless or because of relief...I mean, I knew exactly where the laptop came from. I remember nilipigwa ngumi na karao nikarudi default settings nikaanza kuexplain....

See this laptop was given to me by my immediate neighbour (a Kenya Prisons officer). He was financially pressed and in need of quick cash, and he thought since I owned a computer shop, why not have it on display there, once it's sold, the business will get a cut...

That saved our asses. We were taken back to the vehicles and taken to Ukwala Police station and thrown into the cells there. I was later picked to give the details of the prison officer. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that that same week, he had been transferred to Naivasha GK...

... They mobilised DCI officers Naivasha branch, who then raided the house of that cop, and behold, they found a pistol dismantled and hidden in a diaper wrapping. A sense of relief but we had to go to court the next day. They asked for 10 days to do further investigations...

Meanwhile the cop was taken to Siaya police station. Now the second night in this cell, we started talking, just to kill time. These co-accused started describing the person who sold them the phone (they run a phone store), and yes, it's the same bloody prison officer.

Next day we were ferried to Siaya to identify the person from a by one of course. I pointed out the guy, and these two also pointed out the same guy. Things were starting to easen up now...there was one issue now, possession of stolen property charges...

...but the officers were quick to cut us a deal. We would walk if we testified in court. We didn't think twice. This day we were in court testifying, we were shocked to learn that this guy was being charged with 6 counts of murder. There is another witness, who this guy shot....

...and left for dead, but she survived. The lady owned an MPesa in Teso. I remember when we were being taken back to the cells, Kakamega based DCIs were outside waiting to take him to Kakamega to answer for some other robbery with violence charges.....

Long story short, we were released 10 days later. Tangu hiyo siku, I never accept items even from people I know iwekwe kwa shop, and I made it understood by the lady who runs the shop for me.

The laptop and phone were stolen and the owner killed. Sisi na ujinga wetu we never thought of that. Anyway, you live you learn.

Credit: Twitter @derrick_dre

I have a question for you all my friends of this generation.

It is as follows.

What will be your achievement if in your old age, the child you sponsored through university education right in front of your eyes becomes a slave working for an illiterate Chinese man for $100/month, not in China but right there in Kenya, your own country?

Think about that. Yes, you will ask me, where is this coming from?

Thank you for asking.

Let me quickly say that the internet is overflowing with videos and information about the dealings, actions and activities of Americans, Europeans and Chinese governments and citizens towards Africa and Africans, so you can substantiate everything you are about to read from me

Firstly, for over 500 years, the white man has continually robbed us, Africans, and we have failed to learn from it.

Let me sound it from the mountain top


Yet, our leaders continue to receive them with open arms.

America, Britain, France and co, all have the same *agenda* towards Africa, they see us as glorified monkeys that cannot think.

*For so many years, we've proved them right*

Secondly, today, our leaders are repeating the errors of 500 years ago, when our forefathers sold their brothers for mirrors.

They sold them into slavery in foreign lands.

Today, our present leaders are selling our land and people to the Chinese for bribes of $100k to $1m.

*A black man cannot buy a property in China, he can only rent or lease but in Africa, Chinese are buying acres and hectares of land outright*
As much as I will not like to bore you, I must share my revelation with you.

In a dream, I saw myself and 2 other men working for peanuts in a labor camp owned by a Chinese doctor.

What does this mean?

It means, that the Chinese are about to own Africa and turn it into a labor camp where the next generation will be working for them.

Guess what?

It's already happening, in many african states, the Chinese have a place where they buy farm produce directly from our farmers, totally unsupervised by either the ministry of agriculture or commerce.

The young men that work for the Chinese merchants toil from 7am to 7pm for Ksh500/day in kenya.

That is less than $5/day in your own country.

My problem with you my friends is that we continue to play "helpless" while all these things are happening in our own time.

You are educated, you are able to educate your kids but look ahead of you, 10, 20 years from now, when China owns everything in Africa, you would have educated your kids to slave for an uneducated Chinese in your own land.

It is time to do something, to mount enough pressure on our leaders.

Call your senators, carry placards, pressure your governors until they bring the discussion to the forefront, to change the laws and say no to foreigners owning our country.

They can only lease a property for a maximum of 10 years. No outright sales of properties to foreigners.

I have started doing my part. Please keep it up 👍 by forwarding it to other groups.
It will go a long way, no matter how little.....🤔

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