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✍️Cryptocurrency Trading⚡⚡💰
Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies from all over the world like Bitcoin,Ethereum, Ripple etc. Get insane profits when the rates go high in the cryptocurrency markets. Cryptocurrency trading has produced many millionaires all over the world. Don't miss out on this.
✍️Paid To Click(PTC) ads✅🌩️🌩️💰
Get paid when you click and view ads on our website. We have partnered with Adsense companies like Adsterra,Bidvertiser and Adversal to bring you PTC Ads which will enable you to earn cash after clicking and viewing ads successfully
✍️Paid to Play(PTP) Online Games 🎮💥💰
We will be introducing online games where our users will be paid after playing the online games we will provide upto certain levels. You don't need to be a professional gamer, you just need to play the game.
✍️Whatsapp Products Advertisement🌟🌟💰
Apoven has various products together with the Infinity Group Company which will be provided on the website. Users will only have to download and advertise them on their whatsapp status and they will be paid per every view gained.
✍️Instagram Products Advertisement ⭐⭐💰
We will also provide Instagram Products to be advertised on Instagram stories. The users will be paid according to the number of views gained
✍️Youtube Videos 📌📌💰
Get paid after successful watching of unlimited YouTube videos provided on our site
✍️Tiktok Videos🔥🔥💰
Get paid by watching Tiktok videos provided on our site. The videos will vary across all packages.
✍️Membership Club Points✨✨💰}
Gain Membership points for the number of logins you make on our site. We will keep track of your login history and award you by the many times you login into our site.
✍️Crypto Trading Bot
We will be providing a Trading Bot software to help our users to trade anywhere anytime and assist them make huge profits.
✍️Referral Bonuses
Get a referral bonus when you invite new users to our site. You will also get a referral bonus when your downline buys any cryptocurrency.
You will also receive indirect referral bonuses.

NOTE: *APOVEN will be available worldwide.*

*1.BASIC PACKAGE* -☆Ksh 1000☆{Bonus 850}(Limited YouTube videos,No Crypto Trading, Refferal is a must)
*2.STANDARD PACKAGE* -☆Ksh 2000☆{Bonus 1700}(Crypto Trading, Limited YouTube videos-50,Limited Tiktok videos-50, Whatsapp Earnings-100,Referrals it's a must on WhatsApp Earnings)
*3.ARSENIC PACKAGE* -☆Ksh 3000☆{Bonus 2500}(Crypto Trading,Limited Tiktok videos, YouTube videos-50,Paid to Click Ads-50, Limited Online Games-100+, Whatsapp Earnings-100, Referrals optional)
*4.URANIUM PACKAGE* -☆Ksh 4000☆{Bonus 3400}(Crypto Trading, Tiktok Videos-50, YouTube videos-50, Paid to Click Ads-50,Instagram Earnings-50, WhatsApp Limited-100 Online Games Earnings-100+, Refferals optional)
*5.CHAMPION PACKAGE* -☆Ksh 5000☆{Bonus 4000}(Crypto Trading, Unlimited Tiktok videos-50,Unlimited YouTube videos-50, Paid To Click Ads-50,Instagram Earnings-50, Unlimited Whatsapp Earnings-100, Online Games, Membeship Club Points-100+,Referrals optional)
*Choose a good package that is well fixed to earn with WhatsApp and many more*

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