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First we have to admit Covid19 is real and here with us in Kenya and that we all must rally behind every effort made by the govt to stem its spread. It takes personal responsibility not govt to do that.

Be that as it may, we must not allow the fight against the pandemic to be used as a cash cow for some unscrupulous individuals to become rich or use the same to be seen to working so that either they get funding from the national govt or get promotion. You all remember the Siaya area local chief who hurried pushed for the burial of the KPA man.

Something is a miss in Nyanza.

Today we can reveal what really transpired in Homabay and how the National govt got duped with fake information in a scheme that exposes how Nyanza governors are keeping their people down in the fight against covid19.

Like in Siaya where governor Rasanya seem to have delegated the fight to just issuing afterthought press statements with no facts; and as Kisumu governor still would inquire about the number of degrees you have each time you ask him of his strategies to fight Covif19, Homabay governor Cprian Awiti aka Akuba has left the running of the county in the hands God while he too issue reports from the comfort of his house in Nairobi in a style akin to the Cameroonian President Paul Biya's way of doing things in his country MIA ( Missing in Action).



On or about early April a woman passed on and was to be burried in Homabay Kendu bay Seka area.

The family contacted a person in Nairobi Huruma to get the a vehicle to transport the body. It is reported that this person by name Paul Odhiambo of +254727859114 being a broker contacted his friend called Kevo a driver as a fellow "Japap" ( Jo/Japap is a a common Lingua Fraca used by Luos doing a common business mostly general like transport or sales in same point of operation ).

In the deal Kevo was was to give to give Paul Odhiambo Ksh 10000 out of the businescontract to transport the body to Homabay, but upon getting the business Kevo changed by not keeping his side of the bargain, he gave his Paul the deal maker Ksh 5000. This infuriatedPaul who warned kevo that he will not 'eat' his money and that he Kevo will

On 10/04/2020 the family paid the the amount required for the coffin which was charged at Ksh 18000.

13/04/2020 Having gotten the deal, Kevo was given the receipts of paymnets to go and collect the coffin in Huruma. He paid the coffin and collected a white coffin shown here using a Nissan 14 sitter KCL375E.

14/04/204 Kevin carrying the family of the dead woman traveled to Homabay Kindubay in a place called Seka on the same Nissan. At no point were they stopped for the coffin to be opened. In Kenya you are not allowed to transport a coffin, empty or carrying a body to the countryside on the carrier without covering it with a black polythene. So the Homabay county's report of empty coffin has no proof of photos of the same coffin or photos showing empty inside.

No arrest was made of this Tuesday

16/04/2020 The woman was buried in the same white coffin( the govt can go exhume the body). Up to this time there was nothing like empty coffin or arrest.

Back in Huruma Paul wanted to get even with Kevo for cutting him shortchanging him on the deal contacted a friend who contacted, the chief and DO and OCS in Homabay who who visited the him where the burial took place. They found the burial had taken place.

After a some arguments one of the govt officials demanded to be paid Ksh 30,000 upon which one of the family members told him,
"If you think you are going to use covid19 to get rich, forget it''

This angered the officers who left in huff.

At midnight long after the burial the officers came back accompanied by police officers who arrested Kevin the driver and other family members.

They were taken to a mortuary where they spend the night. Don't ask if there were/are dead bodies inthe mortuary.

Come morning the police took them to Homabay KMTC. The nurses refused to take them in because they were not accompanied by any county medical officer. Fearing going back to the mortuary the driver Kevin and the family pleaded to be taken in and be quarantine in line with govt directive.

17/04/2020 Samples from the driver Kevin were taken( I cant tell if the others were taken from too)

In other happening around the same time:
14/04/2020 Miltone Obote who had been transfer from KNH to the rural area to get other form of treatments by the father passed on in Kendubay Homabay Kamser Sub location. His body was taken to the mortuary.

15/04/202. Miton Obote's two wives who were in Nairobi by then started organizing means to reach home.

They contracted the Driver of KCD2090F which is a PSV registered and for hire.

The driver called Jack after consulting his othet family members of this travel, Jack told the wives of Obote that, would only go upon the family getting authentic clearance from government.

The family of Milton Obote then went to Nairobi Area police to get travel clearance where they were told to bring a burial permit from the chief. His wife Millicent and brother in law, went to Dandora but they were told to get the permit from the chief in the rural area.

16/04/2020. They then contacted rural chief and explained to them the requirement so that they get cleared to travel. The Chief send a copy of the permit to the family in Nairobi on the same day. They printed the permit and took it to the Nairobi area police. They were told to go the following day since it was lat by then.

17/04/2020. The wife and brother to Milton went back to Nairobi area armed with the burial permit. They were told to write a letter and indicate the names and IDs of those who were to travel and the vehicle they woukd use. They did so and got the letter permitting their travel out of Nairobi to Homabay 18/4/2020.

They informed the Kamser chief who promised them that all was well.

18/04/2020 the family put a mattress, a stove and their bags in the boot of KCD290F, with Jack driving, they left Nairobi at 5am for Homabay. Due to lack of funds, the other distant relatives remained in Nairobi only allowing close members to travel. There was no coffin they carried on the car.

The local chief kept asking them about the time they were to reach which the wives kept updating him as they moved. Along the way the temperature readings of all the occupants of KVD290G were taken at every stop. They did 4 tests along the way from Nairobi to Homabay each time being cleared to go on with the journey.

They reached rural home in Kamser at 12pm and found the chief at the gate. The chief told them to wait for medical officers to come and take their temperatures. They obeyed.

The medical then officers came but before they could do anything a police car came and the driver was told to follow them to KMTC Homabay.

Upon reaching there there were all put into quarantine, claiming the documents were forged.
The chief by then was nowhere near there. From family source the chief has had some issues with the family and its like he wanted to be paid without actually in saying it openly to them saying. When he realised he was not going to gain he set to the family. Working in cahoot with other security officers, this car KCD2019 was used to cover up for lack of evidence for the first burial that took place on 16/04/2020.

This is how the driver of KCD290F became the selling story for the the first case of driver for KCL735E.

There was no test that had been carried out on driver for KCD290F, but the county government and the media gave him the result of the driver for KCL375E and every gullible Kenyan bought this.

To prove there was ill motive from the chief it reported by the other family members that they were pressured to go on with the burial minus the wives or children. Remember Milton did not die from covid19

Efforts to correct the Fake News when it broke was met by abuses and mocking. But you got to stand firm if you know facts will back you up.

1. There were two burials
2 burial one: was woman 16/04/2020 ( white coffin)
3. Burial two: a man Milton Obote 19/04/2020.( Not white coffin)
4. Those funerals were/are not related
5. KCD209F dud not carry a coffin
6. Driver KCD2090 never tested positive.

When information was passed from county to Governor Awiti who the called CS Mutahi, lot of lies and have truths even the fact that Awaiti was just Nairobi was said but Kenyans said Mutahi kagwe can not lie.

Back to Kevin the driver KCL375E. When I called him twice he gave his side of the story. 18/04/2020 He said when told he was positive, he was not shown any documentary proof of the same. But he said he accepted his fate. He was then taken to Malela hospital from where he says he has not even taken a Panadol, leave alone any medicine or injection for any illness since he was put in award. No nurse or doctor has visited him since. He he just been having limited contact with those who bring him food.
He says he is at loss and mental torture since there no government official telling anything. Be he say he will conquer the alleged covid19 positive tag he has been branded. He says when next you here he he recovers know that he was not positive in the first place but it was a set up to prove somone in Homabay is working.

He says if its not his strong mind, he would have committed suicide from mental torture like the South African lady who was put through the same. But he says his God shall prove those who tagged him positive wrong.

I have seen many saying Heath CS Mutahi Kagwe and the MOH_Kenya are often right well I can tell you emphatically here without fear that on this Fake Homabay story they were factually wrong on both on 'fake' burials allegations and the driver who was positive! they could even be wrong on Kevin in the fullness of time, but that shall be proven after 14 days( Keep this article).

Finally wr would want the National govt to verify and counter test result submitted to them via county governments. They should get direct results from KEMRI centres where such tests are done and not from county govt especially the overzealous Nyanza governors. For at this rate one may start to doubt some of those recovering from covid19 more so Nyanza if indeed all of them were positive in the first place.

Keep safe
Keep social distance
Put on a mask


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